A website is a collection of soft copy documents called web pages. Each web page has topical information about a specific aspect of the site’s content. Websites have a lot of material and a variety of functions. One needs to understand the fundamental features to expect on a website to use it with ease.

Contact Links

Look for contact information like phone numbers and email addresses. The content information makes it possible for visitors to access a website’s host company. Usually, contact information can be accessed by clicking on a link. Search for words like ‘Click to call’ or ‘Send email’.

Navigation Features

A website is a labyrinth of information. Without proper navigation keys, one gets lost. Navigation keys are the road maps to what a site contains. They are easy to understand terms that make it easy to access what one wants. The navigation keys are relevant to the content of the website. A website with content on web development has terms related to web development, such as ‘web design’ and ‘web pages’.

Social Media Links

Facebook, Tweeter, Tumblr and You Tube are examples of social media platforms shared on websites. Users can access and share content through social media links. Information reaches a broad audience through social media links. Also, one can use them to seek additional information or client reviews about a product. Social media platforms are strategic marketing tools for web development sites.

There are many features on a website. They can be confusing for users of a new site. Understanding them makes it possible to maximize the use of the website.